Wrexham Lager Rebrand

07 Apr, 2021
Wrexham Lager beer pumps

Wrexham Lager proudly introduce to you our new branding.

We hope the heart of this will feel nostalgic to many... an iconinc returning with a modern twist.

For many people, Wrexham Lager’s rich history is a proud part of this great town. These two symbolic words have been a main stay in our pubs for generations past. It is a symbol also proudly worn by local sports teams, charities, friends and families, and a symbol we hope is continued through generations to come.

Wrexham Lager is what it is today because of you, the people who support it. And this will never change.  

It has been nearly 10 years since Wrexham Lager was re-established in 2011.This year, a year full of uncertainty, could have been so very different for us. However, the support you have given us has been truly incredible, we will not forget it, and this is one way of acknowledging it. 

As we all move forward, we will look to strengthen Wrexham Lager’s ties with our local and sporting communities, and further establish ourselves in more shops nationally. We strive to see the best for our town; to see the best for all of our customers, old and new - wherever you may be based!

And finally, a huge thank you for the support over this last year, and over the last ten years! We look forward to the next chapter with you and we truly believe the very best times are ahead of us.

Brewed in Wales. Enjoyed everywhere.

Wrexham Lager, Feed me ‘til I want no more!

* For more information about the Wrexham Lager rebranding, please click the link from the Evening Leader:  https://www.leaderlive.co.uk/news/19222506.rebrand-wrexham-lager-start-new-era-brewery-town/

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