Wrexham Lager Is Heading To New Zealand

22 Feb, 2022
Wrexham Export bottles in a New Zealand lake

Wrexham Lager is heading to New Zealand!

For a first ever time in our history, Wrexham Lager will now be sold in New Zealand! 

Sailing on the 28th March from Southampton, our Wrexham Export bottles will be heading for Auckland, taking approximately 40 days to arrive before being made available to the Kiwis!

One place certain to find our lager being sold is 'Welsh Dragon Bar', found in the heart of New Zealand's capital Wellington. We also would like to say a big thank you to Welsh Dragon Bar, as it was them who first made contact with us for this deal to be made possible. 

This is a huge step for Wrexham Lager (literally!) and very soon our beers will be drank on the other side of the world! 

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