Wrexham Lager invited to meet American Ambassador

06 Apr, 2023
Wrexham Lager's Mark Roberts and the American Ambassador, Jane Hartley

Multi Award winning Wrexham Lager Visit American Ambassador’s Residence as part of Welsh Food and Drink Celebrations

Wrexham Lager were invited to the American Ambassador’s residence in London recently to help celebrate Welsh food and drink.

Managing Director, Mark Roberts received the invitation to attend a drinks and canape reception at American Ambassador, Jane Hartley, residence at Winfield House, Regents Park.

The reception was held to honour a handful of Welsh food and drink companies, as well as to celebrate Welsh Lamb being back on the menu in America after over a 25-year absence.


Mark Roberts said:

“To be recognised by the American Embassy as one of the leading drink producers in Wales was a total honour.

“I took with me a gift of our very own Welsh champagne, or Wrexham Lager as it’s also known.”

Secretary of State for Wales, David TC Davies was also in attendance and thanked the American ambassador for holding the reception.

Mark Roberts added:

“I was able to have a conversation with Jane Hartley and she told me that while she had never been to Wales, she was very keen to come up to Wrexham as she had watched the TV programme ‘Welcome to Wrexham’.

“Of course, I invited her up to watch a Wrexham football game with us and she replied that she would love to. We’ll certainly be giving her a real Wrexham welcome if she does attend.”

Wrexham Lager are a multi-award-winning lager brewing company with the most recent award being a Gold Award as well as being named as the Best beer from the United Kingdom at the prestigious Concours International De Lyon competition, which judges some of the best produce in the world.

The label of Wrexham Lager being the ‘champagne of beers’ came after Wrexham Lager was the only beer to be able to survive the arduous conditions of transatlantic crossings in the 1890’s. This combined with its distinctive champagne bottle meant the description stuck.

Wrexham Lager is a family run business owned by four directors. Mark Roberts, Vaughan Roberts, Janet Gaffey and Jon Roberts.

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