Wrexham Lager announce national Aldi deal

28 Jan, 2022
Wrexham Export bottles next to an ALDI store

We are delighted to announce Wrexham Lager Export and Bootlegger 1974 Pilsner will be sold in 832 ALDI stores in Wales and England. 

And, for a first ever time, in a stunning easy pick- up 4 pack. 

This is a gigantic breakthrough for Wrexham Lager, and from the 3rd February, our new 4 packs will be sold in every ALDI store in Wales and England, selected as their only Welsh Lagers.

For further information including interivews about the deal with Joss Roberts and Karl Phillips, AKA Bootlegger, please see the link below! 


* UPDATE * : Beginning with a 6 week trial, we have recently found out that our 4 packs have now sold out in 75% of stores, and all stores in Wales. This is a monumental achievement for our company, and we soon hope to be able to provide further news and information going forward.

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